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lord altmont by aidan

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Lord Altmont attempt to break down barriers of language, prejudice and habit in this musical endeavour. They are exploring the idea that no matter where we come from or where we are going, we are all equal when we meet; we can understand each other without language but with patience and a willingness to communicate. In this project, communication takes place both within and beyond language.

Lord Altmont is a percussion- and vocal-driven music, drawing freely from African, Irish and Indian rhythms and Irish, Japanese and French melodies. The language is sometimes English, sometimes Irish, sometimes French and sometimes a language mixed with strands of the Irish, Hebrew, Mongolian, Japanese, English and French languages, borrowing either words or sounds to communicate the message most aptly.




The music looks at the world as a place of great beauty and tries to create a timeless snapshot of the life and nature that surrounds us paying no heed to borders or prejudice.

Lord Altmont represented Ireland at the 13th Biennale of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean in 2008. After that, aidan (composer/singer/etc.) toured the world as sound-engineer and musician for a little over a decade, before returning to the studio this year to complete the album! It is now finished.


lord altmont @ bari, Italy :: photo by sonia (soniuccia83@hotmail.com)