FLOATINGHOME by Sabrina Delgleize

Who are Floatinghome?
Floatinghome is the brain-child of Irish singer, Aidan. Based in Berlin and playing an indie-folk-rock music with hints of Aidan’s native Ireland creeping into the rhythms, their sophomore album, “Dreams for Dreamers” is available now.

Their debut album, “Le Grand Discours” was released with Hazelwood Vinyl Plastics / Rough Trade under their previous guise (and singer’s name!), “Aidan“. They have performed extensively around Europe, including support slots with Villagers, Get Well Soon, Anaïs Mitchell and Wallis Bird.

Floatinghome are taking over from where “Aidan” left off!


What the Press said about “Le Grand Discours”
“You send us travelling with this… magnificent album” – 50 Degrées Nord, Arté TV
“An infinitely rich, moving and natural piece of folk art, which offers continuous surprises. A diamond debut.” – Glitterhouse
“This could be the album of the springtime. We have grown familiar with the Irish guarantee of quality and it is clear here. Thank-you for this jewel.” – Music in Belgium
“It’s simply wonderful melancholic music orchestrated with a full band… Highly reccommended! 6/6” – Stadt Magazine
“Beautiful songwriting debut for the year-end list… Stunning. 4/5” – Schallplattenmann


FLOATINGHOME press pack :: english

FLOATINGHOME press pack :: english