Released on 02 September 2016
Catalogue Number : fhv08
Release infos : independent / love-your-artist

Dreams for Dreamers

Floatinghome’s sophomore studio album is an indie-folk-rock opus featuring orchestrated impressions of nine images:

The album takes you on a trip from BEYOND TOMORROW (a three-frame charcoal drawing depicting various dynamics of a relationship. [330x960mm]) to THESE WORDS (oil-painting of a man leaning against a rainy bus window at dusk, singing along to music on his headphones. [1000x1000mm]). Other highlights include a nineteen-eighties office scene (PLEASE SIR) and a retired puppeteer’s attic (THAIAS KEPT).

The album’s artwork is by Belgian graphic designer Nicolas Belayew. It is mastered by Marcus Wüst at Kleine Audiowelt in Germany.


Released on 16 March 2012
Catalogue Number : haz086 / fh07
Release infos : release partners: hazelwood vinyl plastics / roughtrade

Le Grand Discours

Originally released under the singer’s name, “aidan”, floatinghome’s debut studio album is a series of eleven snapshots; eleven intimate, yet high-energy performances; beautifully and carefully orchestrated with all the colours of his travels. It was recorded between 2003 and 2012, during his journeys on a bicycle, and features many artists and instruments that he met or picked up along the way.

The artwork and design is by Belgian graphic designer, Nicolas Belayew.

The album was mixed and mastered by Marcus Wuest at Kleine Audiowelt studios in Germany.

Released on 06 April 2011
Catalogue Number : fhv06 / fh06
Release infos : independant (floatinghome)

live and sans souci

available on VINYL, CD or digital download.

This full-band show by “aidan & the italian weather ladies” (now FLOATINGHOME) was recorded on the 10th October 2009 in a very special and secret Bruxelles venue known as the Sans Souci Social Club. It was mixed by German producer, Marcus Wuest at Kleine Audiowelt studios.

The album’s presentation and design is by Belgian graphic designer, Nicolas Belayew. The CD and vinyl come in a limited-edition, numbered and screen-printed gatefold sleeve, hand-made by the artist 🙂

Released on 28 April 2006
Catalogue Number : fh04
Release infos : independant (floatinghome)

live at bewleys 2005

This acoustic live mini-album was recorded in Dublin’s historic Bewleys Oriental Room on the 27th November 2005, in front of a small audience and released under the name “aidan”. It features seven dublin-based musicians, that aidan worked closely with at the time, grouped together for this project as the windfallen twigs.

There are some songs from this getup filmed by Conor Mulhern at the album launch concert the following spring: for your listening and viewing pleasure!