Interlude is our most recent single, and is taken from future album, The Other Seat Was Taken. The single is available, as are the rest of our releases at


A live solo session of Thaias Kept, a song found on our 2016 album, Dreams for Dreamers.


This stop-motion video for Bells of the Morning was made by Nico Belayew and i, aidan, for a song found on our 2012 album, Le Grand Discours.


This is a different version of the West Cork Song, a song found on both our 2012 album Le Grand Discours and our 2011 live album, Live and Sans Souci.


This is my favorite video session that we did – an acoustic version of Bells of the Morning, filmed by Stephen Mogerley. The song was a single from our 2012 album Le Grand Discours (the single version is the blocky video above!).


This video features three songs captured at the album launch concert for our 2006 live album Live at Bewleys 2005… The songs are: Maiden of the Sea [00:00] – Them (translation of the Jacques Brel song, Ces Gens Là) [06:38] – When the Sea Stopped Moving [12:37].