waves on the beach at lahinch

One sunny-rainy morning in winter after covid, i had a walk along the seafront in Lahinch. It was the day after our Kennys show on Wallis Bird’s band’s 2022 tour. I took some pictures of the waves upon whose ancestors i learned to surf, from the cliffs where i wrote this song, at the other end of the day a couple of decades ago.

This version of “waves” by floatinghome is an excerpt of verse 3 taken from our live album, “live and sans souci”, with a bit of the effecty action from the end of the song copied over the start, featuring i, aidan, ben kritikos, augi dethier, remy lehembre, anna jacob and fabrice bihain.

Listen to or buy the full version of “waves” and indeed the full “live and sans souci” album (vinyl, cd or digital) at https://floatinghome.bandcamp.com/album/live-and-sans-souci

new stock: “live and sans souci” cds and vinyl

I have restocked our bandcamp shop with green and orange hand-printed cds and vinyl of our live album, “live and sans souci”. Pop by the shop and have a listen or pick up a copy for your collection.
SHOP: https://floatinghome.bandcamp.com/album/live-and-sans-souci
Here is a video of ‘waves’, one of the songs from that album; from when we were called aidan & the italian weather ladies 🙂

debut studio album “le grand discours” turns ten

woah, ten years today since our first studio album, le grand discours, was released. we did some videos for some of the songs…

so many beautiful artists and friends played on the album: augustin dethier, remy lehembre, fabrice bihain, simon beriaux, nico belayew, ben kritikos, francois massau, wallis bird, aoife o sullivan, marcus wüst, brian roache, christine docq, christophe capewell, shelley buckspan, david mcguinness, jenny woods, cian murphy, james guilmartin, jenny lindfors, anna jacob, antoine wielemans, alyanya massey, valerie balligand, karakter, hazelwood and rough trade – so much gratitude!
it was a journey creating it and its journey continues through the ears that listen still… though we have quite a different world these days!
listen or buy on cd: le grand discours on bandcamp.

read more about the wonderful musicians in this blog.


In 2016, i moved to berlin. Upon my arrival, i played a concert in Atelier 3/4 to present new songs which would make up the “Dreams For Dreamers” album later that year.
Atelier 3/4 is the workspace of painter David Hedderman, luthier Matthias von Wallbrunn, fashion designer Harm Cordes and a fourth ever-changing artist. It holds a special place with our berliner group of musician-friends, as many a session have been played among Dave’s canvases and Matthias’ violins.
On WEDNESDAY 2ND FEBUARY 2022 at 22h CET, i’d like to invite you to join us for a couple of songs from that concert on the other side of this here picture 🙂
“Sign O the Times” is a cover of the Prince song.
“Dreaming Her Skin” is taken from “Dreams for Dreamers”, available on vinyl and to download in our bandcamp shop.

13th Aug 2021: Four Acoustic Songs from Bruxelles

On FRIDAY, 13TH AUGUST at 20H CET (19h ireland, for example), we will continue the virtual Floatinghome tour through the ages with a short acoustic concert in Bruxelles at about the time of our album, “le grand discours” (available on CD and to download in our bandcamp shop).

It was the time when Augi, Fabrice and i played some choons opening the evening for Villagers in the beautiful Botanique venue 🙂

I hold fond memories of our shows there, arriving and walking through the glass house running the length of the venue: don’t push the trolly into the fish pond; navigate around the rotonde – i’ve seen some of my favorite shows in there and played some too – Wallis Bird, Le Yeti, …, Floatinghome have not yet played on that stage; garden running below rounded steps on the left – many hours sat on those steps listening to soundchecks with a book; or contemplating the statues – very odd statues of historical or mythological situations in that garden, overlooked by a terrace of five buildings, depicting five different eras of Bruxelles’ architectural mishmash (throw in the botanique and you’ve got six!); push on past the bar – smell of dinner steaming out; ’round the corner – drop the merch – and through the double doors into the dark of the Orangerie – welcome – the evening may begin!