13th Aug 2021: Four Acoustic Songs from Bruxelles

On FRIDAY, 13TH AUGUST at 20H CET (19h ireland, for example), we will continue the virtual Floatinghome tour through the ages with a short acoustic concert in Bruxelles at about the time of our album, “le grand discours” (available on CD and download in our bandcamp shop).

It was the time when Augi, Fabrice and i played some choons opening the evening for Villagers in the beautiful Botanique venue 🙂

I hold fond memories of our shows there, arriving and walking through the glass house running the length of the venue: don’t push the trolly into the fish pond; navigate around the rotonde – i’ve seen some of my favorite shows in there and played some too – Wallis Bird, Le Yeti, …, Floatinghome have not yet played on that stage; garden running below rounded steps on the left – many hours sat on those steps listening to soundchecks with a book; or contemplating the statues – very odd statues of historical or mythological situations in that garden, overlooked by a terrace of five buildings, depicting five different eras of Bruxelles’ architectural mishmash (throw in the botanique and you’ve got six!); push on past the bar – smell of dinner steaming out; ’round the corner – drop the merch – and through the double doors into the dark of the Orangerie – welcome – the evening may begin!

The concert will appear at the link on the other side of this picture on friday evening.

12th june 2021: three-song concert from the archives

Thank-you everybody for the generosity and kind words at last weeks online concert. It was lovely to spend a bit of virtual time amongst friends. With that in mind, i’ve been rooting through the archives and found a couple of nice bits of concert which i’m putting together and will share with ye.

The first is a short 15-minute bit of concert from 2006 Dublin. It’s three folkey songs filmed in Bewleys Oriental Room at the album launch concert for our LIVE AT BEWLEYS mini-album. These songs aren’t on any of our albums and, as far as i can remember, weren’t recorded at any other time. One song features Christophe Capewell playing his violin, another is a Jacques Brel song and the third is none of these things!

Come with us back to Celtic-Tiger Dublin for a few songs this saturday (june 12th) at 20h CET! The venue will magically appear at the link on the other side of this picture 🙂

In the mean-time, welcome in to my home for a watch or a rewatch of last week’s show: https://youtu.be/u4ww8Z5DASE


Hi all,
I hope spring has sprung with you… On SATURDAY 22ND MAY, i’m going to play some songs for all ye internauts… The online concert will start at 20H CET – that’s Germany, Belgium, Spain and all (19H GMT, for Ireland, like; 14H EST; 04H AET, but for all y’all on that side of the world, it’ll be the 23rd;…)
There’ll be some old songs, some new songs; we’ll laugh, we’ll cry; i’ll sing as best i can after 433 days of couch!
Do please tune in, if you’re free!

P.S. I was joined by a few guests and have put up an abridged version of the show so you can watch it again, if you wish. Thanks for tuning in and for the tips – that was unexpected 🙂

New single, “April 2020” out September 4th, 2020 :)

As summer is coming to a close, we are releasing a new single, “April 2020” today 🙂 It is from future FLOATINGHOME album, possibly called “The Other Seat Was Taken”. It was written during the corona pandemic in, eh, april 2020, and recorded along the train lines in Berlin as the restrictions were lifting.

The B-side is a song called “The Slave of the Hourglass“: It is a song written for the wonderful short film “Le Temps d’un Sablier” by Belgian filmmaker, Michaël de Nijs. “The Slave of the Hourglass” features Augi Dethier playing on the drums and Simon Bèriaux singing some backing vocals.

BUY ME: https://floatinghome.bandcamp.com/album/april-2020-single


1st may 2020: lord altmont album out today for one day only

lord altmont album cover 2020
Bandcamp are, once again, generously giving artists 100% of proceeds for the day today, 1st may 2020. I am releasing the lord altmont album for the day on our Floatinghome page, if you want to get your hands on it, get it here, get it today 🙂