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Floatinghome - le grand discours

it has come to my attention that our debut album, “le grand discours” is 7 years old… originally released in 2012 by hazelwood and rough trade under the artist name “aidan”, the album has come back home 🙂 so we, at floatinghome, are delighted to re-release it online for your listening (and buying!) pleasure.

– “an infinitely rich, moving and natural piece of folk art, which offers continuous surprises. A diamond debut.” – glitterhouse

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… one more chooen!

Video 06: Lila in my Arms, Rehearsal in Louvain-la-Neuve

Actually, i was going to stop there with the videos, but i really like this one, also from Grape n Roll – and, sure isn’t it customary in music to play an encore? so, here is one more tune 🙂

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… happy first birthday, “Dreams for Dreamers”!

Video 05: Thaias Kept, video by Joseph Wright (Grin & Bear Films)
Happy first birthday, Dreams for Dreamers!! This final video in the series takes us back to a late summers’ afternoon, last year at Cafe Pförtner in Berlin. The sun was beeming through the bus windows – we had a lovely plate of curry then i did a few songs on the bus… Joe came along with his video camera 🙂

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… our fourth is not our own!

Video 04: A Change is Gonna Come, with singers in Berlin
When i moved house from Bruxelles to Berlin, i invited some friends over for the house-warming, which the neighbours hated, causing a war of silence depuis! Jens brought a camera, we sang this Sam Cooke song together… I wish i could say that it softened the neighbours up!

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… this third video takes us to berlin

Video 03: Please Sir, live in Atelier 3/4, Berlin
In Berlin, there is a group of us that get together from time to time to play music. One of my favorite spots for this is our friend, Dave Hedderman’s painting studio (www.davidhedderman.com) that he shares with luthier Matthias von Wallbrunn (www.von-wallbrunn.de). It’s beautiful singing with the instruments resonating all around – opening my eyes and seeing flashes of Dave’s beautiful universe hanging on the walls around… Last may, i did a concert there for a few friends.

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