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There i am, wrapped up in this wonderful new Netflix series when the lead character Moritz, in the deepest moment of his slump, clicks on Floatinghome’s “beyond tomorrow” for some solace – nice 🙂

Listen to beyond tomorrow: https://floatinghome.bandcamp.com/album/dreams-for-dreamers


debut album, “le grand discours” on bandcamp

Floatinghome - le grand discours

it has come to my attention that our debut album, “le grand discours” is 7 years old… originally released in 2012 by hazelwood and rough trade under the artist name “aidan”, the album has come back home 🙂 so we, at floatinghome, are delighted to re-release it online for your listening (and buying!) pleasure.

– “an infinitely rich, moving and natural piece of folk art, which offers continuous surprises. A diamond debut.” – glitterhouse

buy me: “le grand discours” on bandcamp

… one more chooen!

Video 06: Lila in my Arms, Rehearsal in Louvain-la-Neuve

Actually, i was going to stop there with the videos, but i really like this one, also from Grape n Roll – and, sure isn’t it customary in music to play an encore? so, here is one more tune 🙂

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… happy first birthday, “Dreams for Dreamers”!

Video 05: Thaias Kept, video by Joseph Wright (Grin & Bear Films)
Happy first birthday, Dreams for Dreamers!! This final video in the series takes us back to a late summers’ afternoon, last year at Cafe Pförtner in Berlin. The sun was beeming through the bus windows – we had a lovely plate of curry then i did a few songs on the bus… Joe came along with his video camera 🙂

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… our fourth is not our own!

Video 04: A Change is Gonna Come, with singers in Berlin
When i moved house from Bruxelles to Berlin, i invited some friends over for the house-warming, which the neighbours hated, causing a war of silence depuis! Jens brought a camera, we sang this Sam Cooke song together… I wish i could say that it softened the neighbours up!

Get Dreams for Dreamers on vinyl or tee-shirt at the love your artist shop
or download with bandcamp