If the content on our website has not satiated your floatinghome desires, you can get more from us on:

Bandcamp for albums: @floatinghome
Youtube for videos: Aidan Floatinghome
Sigle for wordy ramblings: Sigle Blog
Mastodon for social media:
Facebook because the world appears to be continuing with this nightmare: @floatinghomeMusic

If you’re enjoying the music, please pick up an album 🙂

Dreams for Dreamers (2016 – vinyl/mp3):
Le Grand Discours (2012 – cd/mp3):
Live and Sans Souci (2011 live album – vinyl/cd/mp3):

TIPS are also never rejected:
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MdBfwcwHmHdkubU (without the spaces)

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– There is also a PAYPAL (makes me think of the cross in the Phoenix Park!), i think all you need is an email for that!

The email would be “AIDAN [AT] FLOATINGHOME . ORG”. Swing by Mastodon or Facebuke if you want to get in touch 🙂

FLOATINGHOME press pack :: english

FLOATINGHOME press pack :: english