waves on the beach at lahinch

One sunny-rainy morning in winter after covid, i had a walk along the seafront in Lahinch. It was the day after our Kennys show on Wallis Bird’s band’s 2022 tour. I took some pictures of the waves upon whose ancestors i learned to surf, from the cliffs where i wrote this song, at the other end of the day a couple of decades ago.

This version of “waves” by floatinghome is an excerpt of verse 3 taken from our live album, “live and sans souci”, with a bit of the effecty action from the end of the song copied over the start, featuring i, aidan, ben kritikos, augi dethier, remy lehembre, anna jacob and fabrice bihain.

Listen to or buy the full version of “waves” and indeed the full “live and sans souci” album (vinyl, cd or digital) at https://floatinghome.bandcamp.com/album/live-and-sans-souci