“Dreams for Dreamers” is almost one year old :)

Video 01: Believe, Live in Bruxelles.
It has been almost a year since we released “Dreams for Dreamers”. During that year, whenever nobody was watching, we would discretely place cameras around to capture a bit of a show or rehearsal. During the next few weeks, we will share some of these with you. For our first installment, let me tell you about a concert we did prior to the album’s release: some of us opened for Villagers (eek!) in the Botanique in Bruxelles, the rest brought cameras and captured the occasion… 🙂

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New Video from Dreams for Dreamers

Lovely Joseph from Grin & Bear Films brought me to Cafe Pförtner in Berlin, where we ate curry and made a wee video for Thaias Kept, the song on Dreams for Dreamers about a time-travelling lady of the night…



Our new album is now available on vinyl and tee-shirt with LOVE YOUR ARTIST, or to download with BANDCAMP.

Have a listen…

Proud 🙂

Teaser for Dreams for Dreamers

Here is the third snippet from “Dreams for Dreamers”, our new album out next Friday, September 2nd 2016:
“Beyond Tomorrow – Please Sir – Lila in my Arms – Dreaming Her Skin”
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Second snippet from Dreams for Dreamers

Here is the second snippet from “Dreams for Dreamers”, our new album out September 2nd 2016: “Generation Y”
… more to come …