the black of her eye

this is my new clarinette basse – i’m learning how to play her (i should mention that in the world of french, clarinet is lady).

i thought i’d invite y’all to have a listen…

francois (of de musica) got some of my belgian friends, with whom i’ve been living and working these past few years, together and offered it to me for my birthday-ish – amazing!!! nico, corinne, ivan, claude, remy, marie, clare, geoffrey, naima, simon, sabrina, fabrice, nuno, chloé, antoine, victor, marie-noelle, francois (et j’imagine francoise et augi et anyone else i may be leaving out) – mille fois merci – a little tune pour vous, “the black of her eye”… je suis a votre disposition pour en faire mieux 🙂