Three songs from le grand discours

Hello guys !

We’re starting to promote our album in belgium. We did germany last year and got a bunch of good reviews. Now we’re hopping the border to our home country. If you are interested in discovering our music, we made a bunch of promo CD’s for radios and journalists. If you’d like to consider our music for a review (or anything else you see fit to do with it), please drop us an email !

In case you’re not a “cd person”, or if you can’t wait to hear it, worry not – visit the player below. If you need info, everything you need is on the biography page of the site.

Also, if you’re intersted in booking us or whatever, visit the contact page !

We also want to thank you all for the great support we got from the crowd for the opening gig we made before Villagers, it was only grand!

And if you fell in love with our album, get to the release page, you’ll find a buy link there 🙂

Ok that’s all for now, thanks a lot !