“floatinghome” song written for short film by Michael de Nijs

Aidan was asked recentely by Belgian film director, Michael de Nijs, to add music to his latest work, a short film named “Le Temps d’un Sablier”. he met with the band and the resulting song, “The Slave of the Hourglass” was born!

We are proud to announce that the film has been included in the 2014 Festival International Tous Courts d’Aix-en-Provence

Floatinghome added to Concours-circuit 2014

On est tres content de vous annoncer qu’on participe au concours-circuit cette anné. Notre premiere concert est samedi 6 septembre 2014 a Rixensart, BE…
Pour l’occasion, Aidan et Remy dans une séance de speed-dating, les yeux dans les yeux avec Focus Vif.

Vantastival 2014

We are very pleased to announce that Aidan & the Italian Weather Ladies will be playing at this year’s Vantastival festival in Ireland on the weekend of May 2nd :)



Aidan presents his album on TV

Hey, aidan had the chance to present his CD on Belgian TV show 50 Degrés Nord!
Catch up here if you missed it!

Also we are on numerous local radios and on this nice playlist from 22 tracks

If you’re into indie folk rock (yeah, that’s the style we finally settled for to describe our music) give yourself a treat and listen to the whole album on spotify !

Stay tuned

Bye for now !

PS: two gigs were announced : one in Brussels and one in Ghent, check the tourdates section !
PS2 : you can now buy our CD and Vinyl of Live and Sans Souci, on our webshop


PS3 after tv, came radio !

Three songs from le grand discours

Hello guys !

We’re starting to promote our album in belgium. We did germany last year and got a bunch of good reviews. Now we’re hopping the border to our home country. If you are interested in discovering our music, we made a bunch of promo CD’s for radios and journalists. If you’d like to consider our music for a review (or anything else you see fit to do with it), please drop us an email !

In case you’re not a “cd person”, or if you can’t wait to hear it, worry not – visit the player below. If you need info, everything you need is on the biography page of the site.

Also, if you’re intersted in booking us or whatever, visit the contact page !

We also want to thank you all for the great support we got from the crowd for the opening gig we made before Villagers, it was only grand!

And if you fell in love with our album, get to the release page, you’ll find a buy link there :)

Ok that’s all for now, thanks a lot !